Leanna Buckingham, Ms.Ed
Integrative health coach

Discover your potential through deep and powerful coaching

You have dreams. You have ability. You have a vision for your future. But you are just feeling stuck! Get the support and guidance you need to create change and build the life you imagine for yourself.

What Are You Struggling With?

You can overcome challenges in life even if you have a diagnosis of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) or identify as being autistic, ADHD, or neurodivergent. What skills can you develop to create the success that you want in your life?

Staying Organized

Organized life, organized mind! Discover methods to organize your space and your schedule, then feel the results within.

Time Management

Master your time, master your life! Develop strategies to become intentional with how you spend your time.

Life Goals

Your goals, your destination! Eating well, getting a job, going to college, developing friendships - you can do it all.


It's much easier when you are not alone! We all need support. I am here to see you through each step of your journey.

Gain Control of Your Life and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed!

It is often difficult to find balance in life. With autism coaching, you can learn how to take the first steps to consciously create your life as you walk along your path, one step at a time. It is a common belief that traits such as flexibility, intelligence, organization, time management, work ethic, talent, executive function, and social skills are fixed. The truth is, with your focused attention, you can improve any trait you choose, at any age.


Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Master techniques anyone can learn to bypass the mental clutter and come to a place of peace and calm.


Support Change

Decide on the most pressing things you’d like to change in your life and experience powerful support in making a roadmap, then getting there.


Gain Confidence

Learn by direct experience that you are capable of creating the life you dream of. Success upon success will boost your confidence as you continuously to grow. 

Find Your New Narrative

About me

I believe in you, and I want you to believe in you, too! As your coach, I am here for you, 100%.

My qualifications include being a certified AsperCoach from AANE, Asperger/Autism Network, having a Master of Special Education degree from National Univeristy, and 18 years of experience working with people on the spectrum, including 12 years as a classroom teacher.

Much of my expertise and wisdom comes from direct experience. I have ASD myself and have been a life-long student in overcoming obstacles to do and create exactly what I want in life. 

I know first-hand that it is possible to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable for years. It is possible to turn challenges into opportunities, growth, and success! You just have to find your way, which is easier with support and guidance.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Being autistic or neurodivergent does not mean you are less capable than others. It means that you have to find a way that works for you to accomplish the things you want in life.

What makes Leanna unique as a coach is her understanding and lived experience of autism from multiple perspectives: as an autistic person, as the parent of neurodivergent young people, and as an educator with years of experience. She is passionate about her work and compassionate with her clients. I am happy to recommend her work to anyone who identifies as neurodivergent and is looking for support in addressing practical challenges, building relationships, and creating a life of meaning and purpose.
Cady Stanton, M.S.
Founder of Facilitate Joy!

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Enjoy You Intention Setting Toolkit!

This intention setting toolkit will help you find your WHY for seeking out coaching support and jump start your journey to creating the life you desire! Take your time as you reflect upon each exercise. If you need support in completing it, contact me for a free consultation!

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